Sat, Feb 24, 2018
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Question: Is there time limit to book your trainings?
Answer: NO, it all depends on the projects we have at the moment; wediscuss when that time come.

Question: Do you go to all parts of Kenya?
Answer: Yes we do go to all parts and even outside Kenya.

Question: For schools, do you offer gender trainings?
Answer: Yes we do, but that depends on the needs of individual school?

Question: If I invite you to my school or my organization for trainings and mentorship, how long does your training session take.
Answer: Most of the times, our session takes 2 hours, but again it all depends, on the event, availability of time  and the way we agree with the client.

Question: You seem to be putting more emphasis on education?
Answer: It is the true for Education is a good platform in improving performance in many other Areas.

Question: Do you facilitate trainings for Entrepreneurs?
Answer: Yes we do, we are currently working with many entrepreneurs in helping them in improving profitability in their businesses.

Question: Do you offer personalized mentorship to individuals, especially Students?
Answer: Yes we do offer individualized trainings, in all our areas of trainings.

Question: If my Child has a problem of Failing in a .particular Subject, Do you handle those cases?
Answer: Yes, we do, Over the Holidays we help Hundreds of such students.